Tiny houses have recently emerged as a significant trend in the US. A growing number of individuals are settling for tiny homes rather than conventional homes of larger dimensions. These residential units are affordable and offer a great deal of convenience. Now, a lifestyle in a little house does differ from that in a conventional home in some ways. Moreover, one would also need some land to set up a small house. This has made it logical for people living in tiny homes to be a part of little house communities. With more and more cities growing friendly towards tiny homes and relaxing their laws, several communities for tiny houses have come up.

At Tiny Homes of Lake Norman, we customize and recommend the best tiny homes that match your aspirations. You can choose a suitable one based on your lifestyle, the type of small home you own, and the neighborhood you are looking for. Some of the most popular types of small-house communities are:

  1. RV parks

One of the first types of tiny home communities to emerge were mobile homes and RV parks. However, not all RV parks allow tiny houses, so you should check these details beforehand. Such parks offer long-term parking solutions at pocket-friendly rates. You can easily find a suitable park model RV in beautiful neighborhoods. The hybrid RV/Tiny home communities offer various necessary amenities and infrastructure. This type of tiny home community is also the most legally acceptable one. If you do not have a small home yet, you can get in touch with a designer to build you an RV-style little home park models that would fit into such a community.

  1. Resort-style communities

If you are looking for a rather relaxing and lavish lifestyle, communities of this type are perfect. Tiny house resorts offer many modern amenities, including recreational features like kayaking, charcoal pits, etc. As these communities are primarily vacation spots, you can rent a tiny home here if you are looking for a quick stay-cation getaway. Renting a small house in a community is also an excellent way to gauge how good the community is before buying a home there. You may look for resort-style communities that offer tiny home lots for rent in relaxing locations, such as near lakes. The leading little home resorts provide homes in a variety of configurations and styles. Whether buying a home or renting one, you can easily pick one that meets your needs.

  1. Villages

You may also buy tiny homes in villages if you enjoy living amidst a rooted community. These villages often comprise multiple little home communities that work together to live sustainably and cooperatively. In a small house village, you could experience a peaceful rural environment. If you have plenty of free time and wish to participate in activities like planting a community garden, there are plenty of such opportunities in a village. A tiny home village may have shared spaces like dog parks, ponds, gathering areas, etc. Some of the villages also offer individual garden lots.

  1. Pocket neighborhood

A pocket neighborhood is a perfect solution for individuals who would love to enjoy the peaceful village ambiance but cannot afford to stay away from the city. It is quite possible that staying in a tiny home village isn’t viable for you because it would be hard to get across to your workplace and other everyday destinations. Pocket neighborhoods are planned communities comprising tiny premier homes grouped around a common green area. The design of a pocket neighborhood helps to build a close-knit community feeling among the residents. These neighborhoods are essentially a nice blend of urban and rural communities. Ideally, these communities lie near the city limits, where the residents can enjoy the ambiance of a village but have easy access to urban areas.

  1. The Backyard Village

The leading tiny home builders often develop backyard communities for property owners. This is a traditional house, along with one or multiple tiny houses. Although it is difficult to assert the exact location of these properties, you can contact a reputed little house company to recommend one.

In most cases, the backyard arrangements resemble a village setting more formally. Instead, these are small cohousing communities. This involves clusters of private houses around shared spaces of the community. You may explore these tiny home models, where the residents share resources like laundry rooms, tools, and even ownership. You can use this model if you want a supportive and intimate living environment. Besides, you also have tiny houses on wheels to choose from.

You may be interested in establishing a collective community’s vision or adhering to a few simple norms. In any case, a backyard community can reinforce the idea of community living. However, the zoning norms do not tend to acknowledge these communities. Therefore, you should be picky with the tiny home model before purchasing.

Should you live in a tiny home community?

Living in a tiny home community can be a superb experience if you choose the right neighborhood. You can always consult an expert if you are still in doubt regarding what type of community would be perfect for you. Tiny Homes of Lake Norman is one of the best communities to stay in if you look forward to enjoying a resort-like lifestyle. Already home to plenty of residents, it houses a close-knit community. Here one can enjoy a fantastic range of amenities that together ensure an entertaining and healthy lifestyle. We are also a tiny home dealer and sell tiny houses of various configurations and styles.

If you wish to get a tiny home, such as a small mountain house designed by us or want to be a part of our community, feel free to call us at 833-955-8469. Alternatively, you can also fill up this form, and we can get in touch with you. If you are not looking for a long-term residence but only want to enjoy a quick vacation, you may rent one of our tiny houses. We offer rentals on a nightly, weekly, or monthly basis.

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