If you love residing in tiny homes, you might be looking for sustainable living options. Particularly, if you are a nature lover or want to live amidst green surroundings, you would be innovative while greening up your home. You may love to reside in a place with lots of shrubs, trees, and indoor plants around. A clean and green atmosphere indoors can prove to be healthy for your family. Besides, the right selection of indoor plants cast a positive spell on your mood. Plants also nurture the caring essence in humans.

However, with the limited space in tiny houses, integrating indoor plants might turn out to be a challenge. In this post, you will get some ideas on how you can spruce up your tiny homes with greenery. The professionals at Tiny Homes Of Lake Norman have come up with these tips for you.

Why should you have indoor plants in a tiny home?

Whether you own a stationary tiny home or tiny houses on wheels, you cannot deny the importance of indoor plants—no wonder why people look out for greener interiors. Space constraint might be a matter of bother for tiny homeowners. However, with professional support from a reputed tiny home dealer, you can seamlessly integrate these plants into the limited space.

A green environment has a positive effect on both mental and physical health. It enhances one’s productivity at work. Most importantly, these plants would be enhancing the quality of air that would circulate in your interiors. Particularly, when you get species like the spoon plant or the blue fern, you can refreshen your home. It makes sense to explore different tiny home park models and create as much green space as possible.

How do you make a tiny house green?

Once you consult the reputed tiny homes builders, the experts will recommend innovative ways to integrate green elements into the house. Here are some of the strategies that you might embrace.

Optimize the vertical space

When you buy tiny homes, there would be a few unused surfaces. Of course, you wouldn’t like overloading every corner of your home with stuff. Although you can place plants on the floor, you would have to move them around when you carry out other activities.

  • The best way to optimize your space is to make use of the height of your rooms. Beautiful boards are available in the market that you need to attach to the walls.
  • You might also suspend plants from the ceiling. Purchase suitable plant hangars that are available in different sizes and shapes.
  • If you love being innovative, you can make a green wall! You need to attach a mesh or a rack to the wall. This would serve as a platform for suspending small pots from the top, where you can put your plants.
  • Alternatively, use jute bags to hand plant pots from the top. If you go with this option, you need to line the bag with a waterproof material first.

If you have blank space on the walls, you can also hang picture frames with many plants. Even when you find tiny home lots for rent, you can incorporate these ideas.

Where can you place your plants in a tiny home?

  • While you might be planning to place the plants only in the living room, you can eventually explore more options. Your kitchen, bedroom, and even bathroom can accommodate indoor plants with proper planning. Integrating indoor plants into all types of tiny home models would make the place cozier.
  • Place some potted plants on bookshelves. You may also purchase plant hangars to decorate your living room, bedroom, or other interior spaces. With this mechanism, you can rest assured that the plants do not need to be moved every time you clean the place.
  • For a change, you may integrate a jungle theme into your bathroom. Purchase some exotic plants to make the place look elegant. After all, if you love plants, these activities would make you happy.

How can you decorate your porch with indoor plants?

Often, porches happen to be overlooked spaces for placing indoor plants. Choose a sheltered spot and place some beautiful succulents to green up your interiors. However, make sure that these plants are moved inside during the colder months. For this, you would need some additional space. Some premier tiny homes come with greenhouses in the exterior areas. You might also use this space for growing elegant plants.

Having some plants around your sitting area at home would enhance the cozy feeling. If you have an outdoor sitting area, it is recommended to place the plants in these areas. The reason is, you would have more space outdoors, as compared to the indoor areas. Besides, one can place larger plants in outdoor areas.

When you purchase the pots for these plants, consider where you would place them. For indoor plants, the pots do not come with a hole at the bottom. This ensures that your indoor spaces would not become patchy with water. If you want to place your plants outdoors, get pots with holes at the bottom. This will prevent the plants from downing after heavy showers.

What to consider when you purchase plants for tiny homes?

Before you purchase plants for your tiny home, make sure to consider certain aspects. This will help you choose the plants properly.

  • The duration of through the day when it will receive sunlight
  • Whether you would place the plant in a cold corner of your home
  • The size to which the plant would grow over the months
  • The amount of care you need to provide to the plant

Please note that certain indoor plants need more care as compared to others. In case you fail to provide them with adequate care or water, they won’t last long. In these cases, it’s wise to go with a grass lily or a cactus.

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