The craze over tiny homes is far from over! While these fantastic homes on wheels crept into the trend in recent years, housing enthusiasts worldwide have been inclining towards these little residences. Of course, people have made lifestyle changes that have altered their living habits as well. As downsizing proves to be a more affordable means of living, you might be keen to buy tiny homes for your family.

Well, you are not the only one who feels the urge to alter their living habits and move into a classy house on wheels. Even Elon Musk lives in one of these tiny houses! Well, it might be hard to believe, but that’s the uniqueness of such classy homes. He has sold off every mansion he had and presently lives in Texas in a 300 square foot Tiny Home.

At Tiny Homes Of Lake Norman, we understand the aspirations of tiny home buyers. While customizing the designs for our clients, we take care of every little feature you would like to integrate into the properties.

How’s the tiny home trend changing?

As a leader, Elon Musk has set benchmarks in the field of sustainable living. Think of the electric car industry. He has done what others haven’t even thought of. With Elon Musk embracing these tiny houses on wheels, other leaders may be quick to follow suit. Of course, living in a tiny home supports sustainable living, as these properties save electricity and other resources. Many homeowners are presently talking with the leading tiny homes builders to get their homes personalized to perfection.

As an influential business tycoon, Elon Musk has already set trends with his habits and preferences. It won’t be wrong to fancy other industry leaders following his footsteps and moving into the tiny homes.

How can downsizing help you save money?

Well, if you explore the best tiny home park models, the dealers would tell you how downsizing can help you save money. It’s not the money factor that compelled Elon Musk to move to a tiny house. It’s the overall living experience that property owners cherish. For business tycoons like him, spending money has never been a great deal. However, downsizing can help you get rid of the clutter and save resources. Sustainable living means you would be spending your electricity and water economically. At the end of the month, you would be shelling out lower utility bills!

Besides, people who love sustainable living would try to cut down their carbon footprint. Residing in a tiny home, you can pursue this mission. When it comes to energy usage in cooling and heating, the premier tiny homes use minimal amounts of energy. Even the construction process of such homes involves low energy usage.

What makes tiny homes a sustainable option?

If you are willing to embrace an eco-friendly home, exploring the best tiny home models makes sense. Compared to regular homes, tiny homes are smaller in size. Besides, they generate lower construction wastes. You must know that newly constructed properties produce around 40% of waste materials during the overall construction process. In 2018, the US witnessed the generation of as much as 600 million tons of debris and construction waste. This is more than double the volume of solid municipal waste that the country generates. Home demolitions also account for over 90% of the overall debris and construction waste. Considering these statistics, it would be logical to move into a portable tiny home that generates the least volume of debris.

Considering the average lifespan to be around 70 years, each home has to be completely demolished after that interval. These waste materials would have to be used for landfills in someplace or the other. Even more, materials would go squandered in case of larger houses. Remember, each home gets remodeled at least twice during its lifeline. This proves why tiny homes are appealing to concerned citizens. You might look out for tiny home lots for rent that would significantly reduce this wastage.

Does living in a tiny home lower your utility bills?

Smaller homes are more energy-efficient. The cubic space that you need to heat up or cool down is much lower. This implies that you need not run your HVAC round the clock. To give you an idea, you would have to pay around $28 a month for the utility bills in the case of a tiny house.

People living in tiny homes have lesser space to clean up. This significantly reduces the expenses necessary for cleaning the properties. You would also save on your cleaning supplies. After all, the residents would be saving time while easing up their lifestyles. You can reach out to a reputed tiny home dealer and get one of these homes customized for yourself.

Should you purchase a tiny home?

It’s not simply because Elon Musk has purchased a tiny home that others are following. The new trend of living eases up the lifestyle to a significant extent. Downsizing does not necessarily cramp you for space. Even if you have more than one kid, you can afford to stay at a tiny home. You need to utilize the available space logically.

Residing in tiny homes can be regarded as a highly underrated lifestyle. Money can help you purchase bigger houses. However, you won’t be cherishing this comfort and ease of living that moved tycoons like Elon Musk to move into these homes. A minimalist lifestyle in a modest home still appeals to thousands of homeowners.

As a reputed tiny house company, we have been closely observing the trend over the last decade. A large number of people have already opted for the minimalist lifestyle on wheels. We often customize these tiny homes, considering the specific requirements of the owners. You may reach out to Tiny Homes Of Lake Norman at 833-955-8469 or fill up this contact form for us to get back to you. We will provide you with an upfront quote that would ease up your budgeting process. Embrace a simplistic lifestyle in your downsized home and move around to any location you desire.